Miss Philly Grill, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Miss Philly Grill
2957 Philmont Avenue
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
(215) 947-7872

Cost: $$

Miss Philly Grill is located in a small shopping center just off the corner of Philmont Avenue and Pine Road.

Mrs. Phantom says:  Miss Philly Grill is a very nice and clean diner.  The food there is delicious.

Their portions are what I consider a normal size portion.  Sometimes when you go to a diner, the portions are so huge there is no way any human, no matter what size could finish your plate of food.  The waitresses are very nice and friendly too.

From a female perspective, the ladies room is spotless.

I give Miss Philly Grill TWO THUMBS UP.

Mr. Phantom says:  Miss Philly Grill is bright and clean eatery.  They recently remodeled the seating areas.

You can have your choice of breakfast (served all day), sandwiches, wraps, hoagies, or a complete dinner entry (includes soup or salad and 2 vegetables and a choice of cake for desert).  There are daily specials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so be sure to check out the specials board or ask your server.

Portions are just right.  You can finish your plate and not feel like you need to be rolled out the door.

The cost for breakfast or lunch for the two of us is about $20 to $25 plus tip.  Dinner runs about $30 plus tip if we both get full entries or the dinner specials.  You cannot beat the value for the quality of the food served at Miss Philly Grill.

If you live in the area and looking for a “go to” place to eat, this is is the place.  I give Miss Philly Grill TWO THUMBS UP.

I give Miss Philly Grill TWO THUMBS UP.